Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?

From the artist's site:
Cat­nip is all the rage with today’s mod­ern feline, but do we really under­stand it? 
Is it a source for harm­less kicks, or a poten­tially crip­pling addic­tion? Is it a tool to expand one’s con­scious­ness, or a down­ward spi­ral­ing path that can even­tu­ally lead to insanity? 
Once and for all the facts about this con­tro­ver­sial sub­stance are frankly dis­cussed, in the long-lost drug edu­ca­tional film that never-was, “Cat­nip: Egress to Oblivion?”. 
Chief of psychiatry
Catnip Crisis Center: Sishigan Michigan
Author of “Looking Within: The Catnip Conundrum”

"Much of the progress made by the feline rights movement during the 1960s has now been effectively eroded. Catnip prohibition and the selective enforcement of herbaceous perennial laws have become the successor system to Jim Puss. They selectively target cats of all color, removing them from Felid society while barring them from the right to keep mice on the run, inspire us to dream up cool cartoon characters and teach us how to land on our feet." -Byddaf yn egluro

Further reading on catnip:

Catnip: Its uses and effects, past and present by Jeff Grognet [another link]

Thanks to anonymous commenter for the paper.


  1. Thanks for posting that. Too funny.

    "Sure I've had some weird nip, who hasn't?"

  2. I came across this tit bit a while ago, thought I would share.

    Alt link to same article:

    Short but sweet. TL

    1. Added link to paper. Interesting paper, I didn't know reaction to the nip was an autosomal dominant trait. Thanks.

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