A list of papers I have written:

Books Related to Opiates -  an annotated bibliography of books I have read relating to opiates in some way

Opioid Pharmacology:

Chirality, a Primer 
Methadone used as an example of chirality

A Look at the Morphinan Structure Activity Relationships of Six Popular Opiates

Reading List and Key References via Project Narco
Quite Extensive reference list


The True Church

Heroin Archive:

Heroin in the United States: Where does it come from, how much does it cost and how pure is it?

Why Heroin Should be Legal, Responding to the DEA

Exploring the Heroin Overdose Myth

Conflating the Harms of Heroin with the Harms of Prohibition

How Heroin is Made

My Beef with David Nutt

Discrimination, Criminalization, Stigmatization and Elimination


Articles by other Authors

Cohen, Peter (2009), The Naked Empress. Modern neuro-science and the concept of addiction. Presentation at the 12th Plaform for Drug Treatment, Mondsee Austria, 21-22 March 2009.

Cohen, Peter (2003), The drug prohibition church and the adventure of reformation. International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 14, Issue 2, April 2003, pp. 213-215.

Cohen, Peter (2000), Is the addiction doctor the voodoo priest of Western man? Extended version of an article that appeared in Addiction Research, Special Issue, Vol. 8 (6), pp. 589-598.

Cohen, Peter (1992), Junky Elend: Some ways of explaining it and dealing with it. From a pharmacological explanation of junky behaviour to a social one. Wiener Zeitschrift für Suchtforschung, Vol. 14, 1991, 3/4. pp. 59-64. June, 1992.

Cohen, Peter (1990), Is heroin dependence pathological?. In: Peter Cohen (1990), Drugs as a social construct. Dissertation. Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam. pp. 32-43.

Cohen, Peter, (2004), Bewitched, bedevilled, possessed, addicted. Dissecting historic constructions of suffering and exorcism. Presentation held at the London UKHR Conference, 4-5 March 2004. Amsterdam: CEDRO.

Peter Cohen
Heroin maintenance in the Netherlands
The case of the Rev. Visser in Rotterdam
Peter Cohen

You can't trust the drug 'experts'
Dan Gardner

Essential Reading:

Make Heroin Legal
by Nick Davies, The Guardian, Thursday 14 June 2001

“Nick Davies argues that the disease and moral collapse associated with class A drugs is due to criminalisation, not the drugs themselves.”

Doctor Deluca – War on Drugs, War on Doctors, and the Pain Crisis in America
References and Resources: War on Drugs, War on Doctors, and the Pain Crisis in America
War on Doctors -The Classics

Drug Policy

The drug prohibition church and the adventure of reformation
Peter Cohen

Global Commission on Drug Policy – Report (2011)
“Begin the transformation of the global drug prohibition regime. Replace drug policies and strategies driven by ideology and political convenience with fiscally responsible policies and strategies grounded in science, health, security and human rights – and adopt appropriate criteria for their evaluation.”

Publications by the UK-based Transform Drug Policy Foundation
After the War on Drugs: Options for Control
Options for Control examines the key themes in the drug policy reform debate, detailing how legal regulation of drug markets might operate and providing a roadmap and timeline for reform.

Blueprint for Regulation describes what a post-prohibition world could look like, setting out the various options

Legalization Isn’t the question by Pete Guither
This awesome article written by Pete Guither over at DrugWarRant.  Pete points out that the arguments and debates in the media never ask the right questions.  The right question is should drugs be criminalized?  He answers it in five-parts.
Harm Reduction

Preparing Pills for Intravenous Injection by Jay Mack.  A good harm reduction guide for those who inject their pharmaceutical opiates.

Addiction and Dependence

Junky Elend: Some ways of explaining it and dealing with it
From a pharmacological explanation of junky behaviour to a social one
Peter Cohen
The most terrible of risks for a human being, not to be treated as one, is utterly destructive in its effects. Such destructive effects are part of the misery known as Junky Elend for Junkies.

Is the addiction doctor the voodoo priest of Western man?
Peter Cohen

The naked empress: Modern neuro science and the concept of addiction
Peter Cohen

Rise and Fall of the Official View of Addiction by Bruce K. Alexander, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
In this article Dr. Alexander challenges the dominant theory on addiction as a disease espoused by the American National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).  Entire books have been written on both sides of this debate (see my link to books for more resources), but this article raises most of the objections to the "NIDA Paradigm" in a fairly concise way.

Writing Junky by David Herkt
I first read this in the Australian Drug User League (AIVL) publication, JunkMail Issue 5.  I have been looking for the article or David Herkt's PhD work but no luck so far.  The article is good so I cut and paste it so others can read it, but check out AIVL too.  All the back issues of JunkMail are available.

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