Monday, October 20, 2014

Nectar of God - Patrick Sky


    It's a dirty old world it'll make a man cry
    All the do-nothings live....God almighty now
    And the good people die

    When I left home my mother said son
    Go into the world...God almighty now
    But don't you go wrong

    So here I sit in a world without pain
    While the nectar of God.....God almighty now
    Flows through my veins

    Late in the evening, Early in the Fall
    The mist on Dog Mountain hangs low
    And the voice of my mother
    Rides in on the down wind
    Sayin' son,  Don't stay too long

    The green leaves of Autumn they fall from the floor
    And the inside is outside...God almighty now
    And I can't find the door

    Well you ask what's the blues, I'll tell ya if I can
    It's a ten dollar women...God almighty now
    And a five dollar man

    Got the blues in my coffee got the blues in my head
    If I die in the gutter....God almighty now
    At least I'd be dead

    I don't much like livin' but I don't wanna die
    Cuz if I was dead....God almighty now
    I'd miss gettin' high

Nectar of God--Patrick Sky