Monday, December 31, 2012

Drug User Unity

I don't usually just post a link to an article, but the following is worth reading.  The author is Tony Newman, of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Drug Users of the World Unite


  1. Herion, is not a relatively safe drug. It is a dangerous and very addictive drug that really fucks up people's head and lives.

    1. It depends on the user, i take Heroin since 1978, i am 54 now, i have 3 children 1 grandson, I am running a football stadium in Italy. I Love Heroin, my Live is ok. It depens on the user

    2. Heroin is neither more dangerous nor more addictive than legal pharmaceutical morphine. These are among the most widely distributed bits of misinformation disseminated to and among the public. Heroin, essentially, IS morphine.....with two acetyl groups added. It has a slightly shorter half-life than morphine, meaning that it is generally metabolize in the body faster but, that, in and of itself, does not make any drug more or less addictive.

      Among the biggest problems with heroin, (and arguably, with any "street" drug), is that there are essentially no quality control practices, meaning that the level of quality/purity may vary tremendously among different producers, and even among different "batches" from the same producers. A user may buy from the same dealer, who in turn gets his/her product from the same source (producer) yet, one sample may be 30% pure while another may be 75% pure. Some manufacturers and/or dealers also "cut" their product with other substances in order to artificially increase yield, which both SAVES them money in terms of production costs and MAKES them more money in terms of sales. This greatly affects the level of purity of the final product. This is one of the lesser known reasons for heroin overdoses: an individual who has been using a poorer quality (level of purity) heroin who suddenly gets a much better, more pure product may accidentally OD on the drug.....not because the user injected/ingested too much drug (or even a little bit more drug than usual) in any one use but, because the user unknowingly had access to a product that was of greater quality (more pure) than what he/she was accustomed to getting and using. The same is true of "meth" and other drugs. The inherent problem with "street" drugs is that they are not produced in well-equipped laboratories by well-trained scientists adhering to strict quality control standards and varifying the level of quality/purity of each "batch" of drug as it is produced.

    3. On a related note, MANY deaths that are attributed to opiates in general, not just heroin, are NOT due SOLELY to the specific opiate/opioid that is blamed for those deaths. In a great many, perhaps even most, cases, there are OTHER drugs and/or alcohol involved. It is not the effect of respiratory depression/arrest, (followed by cardiac arrest), inherent to the opiate/opioid in question but, to the CUMULATIVE effect of ALL of the drugs ingested by the deceased. Unfortunately, the "powers that be" don't seem to want this fact to be well known among the masses. They, they create a "devil" on which they can squarely place the blame in order to fabricate a "crisis" that, in reality, isn't anywhere near as bad as they would have us believe. They do this for several reasons, money and power being the top two. Legislators want us to believe that they are valiantly battling demons bent on our destruction for our own good so they can get themselves elected, re-elected, and placed in charge of this or that. Then there are agencies, such as the DEA and the similar state agencies, who need such crises to validate their existence and to increase their budgets. Ever hear of the "War on Drugs"? Well, it is America's second-longest, actively running, and second costliest "war", second only to the "War on Poverty". Now, I say "fabricated crisis" because the newest, (the "opiate crisis") isn't nearly the danger that the government would have us believe, particularly when one compares the number of opiate/opioid-related deaths (and factors in the inclusion of other drugs that also play a role in those deaths), to deaths attributed to alcohol ALONE...surgical anesthesia ALONE...anaphylactic allergic reactions to any number of agents ALONE, etc.

      No, heroin is not the demon that we have been told it is for so long now. Remember, they (the government) said the same thing about marijuana decades ago, (Ref: "Reefer Madness", 1936).

    4. People, um, mess up their lives when they are forced to make decisions with no really good choices because of the prohibition of drugs like heroin. I think what the orignal poster may have been thinking about is that heroin, like all narcotics and many kinds of tranquillisers, sedatives, and alcohol, is potentially very unforgiving in overdose -- but the variation in purity of even drugs that look like pharmaceuticals sold on the street but are not, brings the lethality into it because the actual amount of heroin in a given batch can vary by up to two orders of magnitude, i.e. 100 times (and more since the lowest purity of street drug is an outright counterfeit pill or dope which has no narcotic in it at all) so it is possible to purchase a dose which will kill by overdose, and then adding in the crap which is palmed off on users now, like fentanyl and so forth, also causes this problem.

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