Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm working on my own guide to the use of loperamide in suppressing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  There are a lot of opinions out there, many of which are based on hearsay.  I have several research papers that I will put up so people can look to the science.  In the meantime check out the following, which is among the best summaries available, better than looking to forums.  In the meantime check out the chemical structures below, notice how loperamide looks like a cross between methadone and fentanyl?

The Merits of High Dose Loperamide for Opioid Withdrawal

Loperamide In Opioid Withdrawal


  1. loperamide for opiate withdrawal
    Quitting opiates is a hard battle, but it can be won with the right tools. Today we are going to review the best methods to calm withdrawal symptoms caused by prolonged opiate addiction so you can move to a life based in recovery.