Sunday, November 18, 2012

DEA at their best

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  1. LOL that is a classic. BTW, do you have hulu? i have it because a friend told me they had a bunch of great classic japanese films and its true, they do. But they also have documentaries so i was looking if they had any good stuff related to The Cause, (if you will) but they didnt - they only had the "Last American White Hope" drug war documentary which has been around for a bit and which we talked about over at Dr H's spot. HOWEVER, hulu did have a RIDICULOUS, ABSOLUTELY UNINTENTIONALLY HYSTERICAL! DEA clip called "DEA: Tradition of Excellence" glorifying the ultra macho drug hating SWAT Team, army mentality and tactics of that sick, twisted organization and it's adherents. It wasn't trying to be funny but it absolutely was.

    1. Hulu is free isn't it? "American Drug War: The Last White Hope" is by writer and director Kevin Booth. I did see it and thought is was not bad at all. He has another one called "How Weed Won the West", but its all about cannabis. I'll check out the DEA video when I have some free time.
      There is a new documentary that just came out called "The House I Live In", directed by Eugene Jarecki. I haven't seen it yet but have heard good things. I'll post a review after I see it.

    2. ...and these are the folks being provided with firearms and sent out into the world to protect us from ourselves...