Monday, October 8, 2012

A Question to Marijuana Reformers

     So it seems that marijuana is finally on a path toward legalization.  When marijuana is finally legalized across the country will you declare the drug war over?  Or will you continue to fight for the rights of all drug users.   I would like to think we are all birds of a feather but when I hear things like, "if marijuana was legal police could pursue more dangerous drugs like heroin," I wonder.
     Marijuana is indisputably the most popular illicit drug, but its not the only one.  When your drug of choice is available outside of the black market will you throw the heroin/cocaine/whatever users under the bus?  Will you free the opium poppy and coca bush too, or is cannabis all that matters?  While the prohibition against cannabis (given its low toxicity) is the most outrageous, opium and coca are not any more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco.  The stigmatization of "hard" drug users is on a whole level deeper than that of marijuana smokers.  Are the cannabis legalizers committed to the rights of all drug users or only out for their own interests?

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